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Our Story

Welcome to Book Society, where the love for books meets the joy of community.

We are not your traditional bookstore; think of us as an elevated book club and a unique social retreat. At Book Society, we cherish the finer things in life—a captivating book, a perfect glass of wine, and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

Our Founder

Laura Guzman

As a member of the 7th generation of a family farming business, Laura developed a love for business operations from her earliest days helping out at her family’s farm retail store. This early immersion in the world of small businesses fostered a deep appreciation for community-driven ventures.

This led to a career dedicated to community-building. An accomplished leader, she has spent nearly 20 years managing marketing, communications and business operations for leading national and international organizations focused on designing and building communities and community spaces.
Laura also co-managed The Bookmark Bookstore, an Oakland-based non-profit dedicated to supporting the Oakland Public Library. 

Driven by her love for books, passion for community, and expertise in business, Laura envisioned a new kind of bookstore—a welcoming haven and vibrant community hub for book lovers. And so, Book Society was born.

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Our Vision

We're all searching for a safe place to escape, a place that reminds us of the library or bookstore from our childhood—the one that changed our lives and turned us into book lovers.


Our vision is to recreate that special space for you, but with a sophisticated touch for the adult you’ve become. A place where you can enjoy a glass of wine and engage in deeper conversations. A community where you can find and connect with fellow book lovers, make new lasting memories and friendships, whether with others or with more books. A retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


“A paradox: The things you don’t need to live—books, art, cinema, wine, and so on—are the things you need to live.”

~Matt Haig, Author

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